CEU Events Places

The CEU Events Places account handles the relationship between training providers and locations. It allows providers to request lunch-n-learns and other trainings directly with approved locations. It also enables the management of events, attendees, and more for location managers.

Why CEU Events Places?

We centralized and automated the management of continuing education for firms, showrooms, associations, and more. Until now, there was lots of manual data entry, multiple invitations, follow-ups, wasted paper on sign-in sheets and certificates just to make sure the attendees got their credits. With a CEU Events Places account, you'll be able to:

  • Instantly access attendee credits and certificates
  • Collaborate on data in real time with the presenter
  • Forgo multiple invitations and chasing after credits

More Control and Access

CEU Events Places managers can:

  • Approve continuing education providers
  • Add multiple locations
  • Approve/Deny requests for events at locations
  • View attendee lists (visible to both places and location managers)
  • See when continuing education credits were granted
  • Enable the public profile pages with public events listing

Want to Learn More?

We are currently on-boarding architectural firms, interior design firms, showrooms/retailers, associations and their chapters. Please complete the following form to have a representative reach out to you.

We built CEU Events Platform to connect everyone involved in continuing education programs. From organizations that set requirements and standards, to providers and instructors who offer the courses, places that may host and promote events, to attendees who benefit from them. We streamlined the process and made it digital, so everyone can collaborate in real time in one place. There are CEUs and there are CEU EventsĀ®.