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CEU Events® is making continuing education easier - for everyone.

CEU Events® is an innovative software company that revolutionizes the continuing education landscape. We are dedicated to simplifying complex, manual, and fragmented processes, making it effortless, clear, and efficient for professionals to access and manage their educational programs. Our innovative approach enables seamless collaboration between different stakeholders, ensuring a streamlined experience for providers, instructors, attendees, and hosting locations. Our ecosystem provides the convenience of a centralized hub for diverse educational resources and fosters efficient collaboration, making the continuing education journey seamless and hassle-free, based on the requirements of over 100 organizations.

Join us and thousands of other attendees in a spam-free environment, made possible by the trust and support of leading providers.

Our Audience

A/V Technicians, Architects, Landscape Architects, Contractors, Builders, Interior Designers, Kitchen and Bath Designers, Plumbers, Professional Engineers.

Our Products

CEU Events Platform for Providers, Instructors, Attendees and Places.

Our Services

Our Numbers

1,000+ monthly events
160,000+ attendees
5,000+ instructors
100+ providers